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Mobile Home 2023

Works by Timothy Callaghan, Bridget Caswell, Rubi Green, Valerie Grossman, Lori Kella, Will Slabaugh, Krista Tomorowitz

Waterloo Arts, Cleveland, OH

Mobile Home 2023

Mobile Home explores the Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park as a place in transition.

Krista Tomorowitz and Timothy Callaghan are artists and residents of Collinwood and have long been drawn to this geographically unique community along the shore of Lake Erie. With the closing of the Euclid Beach Mobile Park announced earlier this year, they took the opportunity to invite fellow artists living in the area to respond to the evolution of the space.

In putting together this exhibition, Tomorowitz and Callaghan have considered questions like; Is home a place, or simply a state of mind? When the temporary structures we call home no longer exist, how does our spirit persevere? Strong communities are the foundation of the American Dream, but they take time to cultivate and grow. In the future, will we be forced to return to our nomadic ways, setting up camp for a time, then continuing on?

This exhibition includes works from an eclectic group of North Collinwood residents. Contributions to the show include weavings from the late Rubi Greene, polaroid transfer ceramics by Val Grossman, walnut ink drawings by Timothy Callaghan, a table-scape installation by Krista Tomorowitz in collaboration with Lori Kella, and photography by Bridget Caswell and Will Slabaugh.

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